Commitment to Quality

Quality can mean different things to different people, but at Electrospec it means consistency and reliability.  Continuous Quality improvement is a systematic, organization-wide approach for continually improving all processes that deliver Quality products on time.  At Electrospec, our commitment to our customers starts with a commitment to Quality.

Vendor Screening Process

Due to the flood of substandard and counterfeit electronic components, vendor risk management is a vital part of Electrospec’s purchasing process.  Ultimately, the best strategy for avoiding counterfeit parts is working with vendors you can trust.  All vendors are pre-qualified and continually evaluated in order to remain on the Electrospec Approved Vendor List.  Vendors are rated based on quality of past orders, on-time delivery, industry references, and quality certifications. 

Available Testing Services

visual inspection

External Visual Inspection

External visual inspection is a process of verifying the attributes of parts such as components condition, part markings, evidence of a secondary coating, lead conditions, dimensions and surface quality.

  marking permanency

Marking Permanency

This test process will be able to confirm and determine if the device has been remarked or resurfacing. As a part of counterfeiting many suppliers used an older date code or slow speed devices, refurbished them to appear new and marked as higher grade or with a recent date code.


Heated Chemical Test

HCT is a process using a unique chemical, heated to specific temperature, causing partially cured or gelled urethanes to dissolve. This dissolving process exposes surface sanding, cracks, inconsistent laser marks and chips, and filled pin one indicators.



Decapsulation inspection is a process of verifying the manufacturer die to ensure that it is the correct one. Once the die has been exposed, the attributes of the die, such as die markings, metallization damage due to ESD or corrosion will be verify.

Pin Difference

X-Ray Inspection

X-ray inspection is a process to verify the bond wire connections, die size comparison, and ESD damaged. Counterfeit devices can be determined by comparing the structure of the die to a known good device. Part should be identical from bond wire location to die size.


X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (XRF)

XRF can be carried out on the parts to evaluate the material composition of the terminations and the molding compound in order to detect the presence or absence of Pb and other discrepancies with an authentic part. It is a non-destructive test.

Solderability Test

Solderability Test

Solderability testing is used to determine the solderability of leads and terminations which are normally joined by a soldering operation. This determination is based on the ability of the terminations to be wetted by the molten solder.

  AC/DC Electrical Test

AC/DC Electrical Test

There is a wide range of components testing from basic DC limited function to full DC/AC function test at temperature including up-screening of all type of devices.  For more information, contact your Electrospec representative.


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